AMSD - Advanced Mechatronics

Mission Statement


We are an independent and recognised technology and development service provider for calculation and simulation, design and development and vehicle technology.


We provide our customers with know-how and services at university level according to the state of the art in science, whereby we comprise other fields of expertise in order to develop innovative solutions for special tasks.

Quality Policy Principles

In order to solve technical problems, we use a systematic approach based on a detailed analysis of the initial situation which determines the path to an optimal solution.
By constantly optimising our processes and procedures and through ongoing professional training, we are perfectly prepared for the future requirements of our customers.In accordance with our university background, we try to build up new scientific knowledge in our own company and to consider the latest developments in research by means of funded research projects. This enables us to offer our customers decisive competitive advantages.

We acknowledge our responsibility to ensure information security. Accordingly, we take all necessary measures to ensure security for customer data and our own data.