AMSD - Advanced Mechatronics


By founding AMSD in 2010 Dr. Gerald Kelz pursued his idea to transfer his work experience of virtual and experimental development in the automotive industry to other industrial sectors. Based on the know-how, which Mr. Kelz has gained as a project assistant at the Institute of Automotive Engineering at Graz, University of Technology, the service portfolio has been steadily expanded by internal and external training and the employment of qualified engineers. 

We see ourselves as an innovative and independent technology company, which is able to offer know-how and services at university level according to the current state of science and technology. Due to the omnipresent time and cost pressure in our customers’ industrial sectors, we solve the given tasks effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, we have the ability and the willingness to look outside the box to find creative solutions for special tasks.

We classify our knowledge and our experience as our most important resources and extend it by both challenging engineering services and funded research projects. As a result, we and not at least our customers benefit from the steady knowledge build-up significantly.